What are Energy Healings? Why get an energy healing? Better yet, what is an energy healing? It is similar to hiring a professional organizer to go through your closets and help you decide what to toss and what you want to keep. An energy healing can do many things: it can optimize your effectiveness. Your space is like a jet plane (your body) that runs on jet fuel (your energy). Try filling up that jet’s fuel tank with apple juice (someone or something else’s energy) and there will be problems: your jet won’t go where you want it to go or perform the way you want it to perform. The same is true with your energy system, body, thoughts, dream space and your personal space, a bubble of energy in itself. It can get cluttered. Kind of like having a stressful day at work. You get home after having collected other people’s energy into your space and it can be hard to come down from all that charge. Or think about a party where the guests get out of hand and the host has a mess to clean in the morning. An energy healing can help you clear all that excess charge  and can help you to notice and keep your energy from being overwhelmed in the future.

People who come to me for healings:

  •  Individuals trying to conceive have been able to clear the blocks to a successful pregnancy.
  •  Entrepreneurs who want to attract future business to their space.
  •  Business owners who want the space and energy of their business place to profit and thrive.
  • Actors who want to clear any negative energy blocking between them and the audition and clear her energy system so that she may be free to channel the energy needed to get the role for an audition.
  • Individuals who have sleep and dream disturbances.

Healings: Basic Aura and Chakra Balancing: Ideal for men or women. This healing is body-based and helps you to ground, clear and bring back your original energetic footprint.

Astral (Dream Space) Healing: For the dreamer in us all. There are no words to describe this healing, one of my favorites. This healing helps bring those two worlds together – it helps bring the things you dream about having into your real waking life. This healing summons that part of you that is magical, mysterious or lucky, that part that shows up to help out when you are most challenged.

Creativity Healing: Another favorite. This healing enlists your higher self in bringing forth your creativity. It helps clear blocks and bring in the spirit, vision, expression and love of your creativity. It helps to make your creation or creative passions a reality. It also helps you to be in charge of what and how you create.

Women’s Healing: This one is magical. It works very much with the physical body and with you as an infinite being. It helps ground and balance the energy system including your chakras and aura, open up the creative energy that is so specific to a woman and THEN it just gets better. The healing accesses the information you have as a mystical being with a female body and helps you to reacquaint yourself with that information. helping you to bring and follows

Drug and Alcohol Healing: This is a healing for those who are looking to clear their own substance use or addictions as well as for people whose lives have been impacted by others’ use of substances and chemicals. This healing addresses one’s ownership over the nervous system, ability to center one-self ability to be autonomous.

Body Systems Healing: This healing says hello to the wisdom of the body and the consciousness of the organ systems – nervous, endocrine, digestive, circulatory, musculo-skeletal, etc., etc.  When the body has become invaded, it will speak up with signs of dis-ease in order to get what it needs to get back into balance.  It may not make logical sense at first glance, but deep within, the body will always strive toward balance and wellness given the energy it needs. This healing restores the intercommunication of the magnificent intelligence of the body from the cellular and genetic levels all the way to more obvious aspects like bone, muscles and skin.

Dedicated Space/Real Estate Healing: This is similar to the idea of fung shui. You know it when you walk into a space immediately. You like the feel of the space. However, a space can collect energy. If you’re looking to have a particular experience or event in a space, an energy healing may be appropriate.  Old events and energies can be cleared out and the energy can be set for fun, success, focus, abundance, safety, or even to attract new buyers.

Soul Retrieval Healing: When an individual has been through a trauma and/or repeated hardship, parts of oneself can feel  lost . This is a combination reading followed by a healing to address those core aspects of one’s identity, truth and even reason for having taken a body in this lifetime. This healing can also be used to address past life traumas. A soul retrieval healing calls back aspects of one’s soul self, repairs connections to one’s core truth and restores one’s ability to communicate with the soul-self.

What can an energy reading do for you? If you can see energy you can work energy. You can use an energy reading to heal. Energy readings are like a phone application – they can be used for almost anything.

These are some of the people I read:

  • Individuals interested in past lives and how to clear past life patterns occurring in this life.
  • Venture capitalists get readings to see and work the energy of a pending investors meeting.
  • Students get readings to see and work the energy of an upcoming test or to see how to follow their passion through their school work.
  • Someone wanting a relationship gets a reading to see the energy of love: where love may have been blocked and how to clear those blocks to attract love.
  • Individuals who has lost a loved one and want to connect with their loved one on the spirit plane.
  •  A budding entrepreneur gets a reading to see how to create more money.
  • Men and women with eating disorders may want to know what is causing their disordered relationship with food: everyone with an eating disorder has a different cause and a different solution. I can help them see that through an energy reading.
  • Someone who is having a recurring dream about a lost loved one will come to me to address the relationship.
  • An inventor who wants to sell and idea and read the review committee ahead of time.
  • Creatives looking to land a gig will look at the energy of an audition – her ownenergy, then energy of those auditioning her, the competition. Then we look at how best to project her energy during the audition in order to land the role.

The most popular readings are about relationships, work and money. While I can certainly look at the energy of the future, my readings are more about present time. I look at what can YOU do NOW in present time to clear, heal and have it all for yourself.